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National Grocer Chose Lightserve for Program Management and Customer Service

Project Overview

LED retrofits are known for their energy savings and colossal return on investment. This brief story focuses on a national fresh-format grocer wanting to capitalize on the LED opportunity, with a two pronged approach to their portfolio upgrade.

With 450+ stores averaging 10,000 sq ft per location, this grocer sought a 100% LED lighting solution, as well as Title 24 compliance for 187 locations in California. They sought to use their existing material supplier as part of the program and Lightserve complied by offering a labor only total management solution that included lighting audits, rebate administration, recycling, warranty management, and scheduling. With site surveys completed, Lightserve assisted in all material specifications, ensuring that rebate mandates and energy savings were maximized.

In year one, 145 stores were completed with Lightserve’s labor force. Each store retrofit compromised ~10,000 square feet including all coolers, cases, freezers, sales floor, and warehouse in an average of only three nights per project. This minimized disruption to the stores and saved money on expensive overnight coverage. Within two years of project commencement, all non-California stores had energy saving LED lighting.

The client’s California locations were deliberately scheduled by Lightserve to begin in project year three. Lightserve stayed abreast of impending changes to California’s Title 24 standards, lowering compliance threshold requirements at the start of 2017 with a 50% reduction option. Our expertise and product knowledge enabled us to guide the client to a full LED retrofit with 100% compliance that saved them considerable money and time by not requiring a complete re-fixture and controls package.

Lightserve took over the CA phase as a full turnkey provider, managing the investment grade audits, compliance documentation, permits, procurement, installation, controls integration, post inspection and rebate administration process. We completed all of the applicable drawings per individual municipality requirement and completed the entire CA LED upgrade, all 185 locations, by 2018.


Through August 2017, this customer has received over $2.2M in rebates from utilities across the country, drastically increasing their ROI and funding additional programs. Lightserve has portfolio-wide full service energy upgrade processes that guarantee success no matter where your projects take us. We are the industry’s leading choice for flexible program management that delivers the right program at exactly the right time, bringing savings to your bottom line.

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