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Managed Services - distribution 1Managed Services At-A-Glance

  • The Managed Services team plans, schedules, and coordinates Lightserve’s response to customers day-to-day lighting and electrical needs
  • Lightserve offers both planned lighting maintenance and reactive lighting & electrical service
  • Planned Maintenance Programs are custom designed to best fit each customer’s schedule and budgetary requirements
  • Reactive service addresses sudden lighting outages or electrical issues (unrelated to utility outages) that can cause safety and security concerns or disrupt company operations
  • When an immediate response is required, Lightserve’s national coverage allows us to respond to lighting and electrical emergencies anywhere in the country within 4 hours
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Managed Services - check list 1WHAT We Do

  • Over 30,000 service and maintenance stops scheduled and executed annually
  • 24/7/365 on-call national coverage – where you need us, when you need us
  • Tailored lighting maintenance programs – based on YOUR budgetary and schedule requirements
  • Material procurement and logistics – we’ll make sure the required replacement or repair product is on site when needed
  • Disposal/Recycling – not sure what the disposal and recycling requirements are for your state? We do – and we’ll make sure they are complied with!
  • Custom Reporting – from dashboard summaries to reports that identify recurring issues at specific facilities, we’ll keep you informed about what’s taking place at all of your locations
  • Cloud-based real-time updates – information at your fingertips for ongoing programs

Managed Services - tools 1HOW We Do It

  • Listen, Develop, Plan, and Execute – it all starts with developing a program built around the customer’s priorities, and executing it based on clearly defined expectations, quality standards, and safety protocols
  • Planning, Scheduling, Coordinating – with the help of Lightserve’s proprietary software system – ARC – we can seamlessly manage all aspects of our customer partnerships, from work orders to final billing.
  • Dedicated Customer Account Coordinators
  • National labor coverage – an extensive network of certified technicians and electricians covering the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Long-standing relationships with vendors and industry partners gives us direct access to the right product for every application
  • National pricing optimized for customer-specific solutions – consistent across all sites in your company’s portfolio, not location-based
  • Timely and transparent communication
  • Quality control checks to ensure that your expectations are being exceeded
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The Power of ARC

The ACCOUNT RESOURCE CENTER – better known as ARC – was built by and for Lightserve and is continuously enhanced and maintained by a dedicated team of in-house developers. Encapsulating decades of experience, ARC was designed to enable the efficient, reliable project coordination and logistical expertise our customers have come to expect by providing our account coordinators and project managers with accurate real-time information. The ultimate beneficiaries of Lightserve’s investment into continuous process improvement and ARC is our customers:

Comprehensive paperwork management

POs, work orders, invoicing – all in one system

Third-party platform integration

ARC seamlessly integrates with many different systems such as ServiceChannel, Tangoe, Corrigo and others so that you can operate in the environment you’re accustomed to

Customer Portal

Your one-stop shop to access work history by location, view photos from current and completed work, request new service and more

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Data to Create Custom Reports

From summary dashboards and scorecards to more detailed location reports, ARC generates the information needed to deliver customized reports designed around the data you need the most

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Looking for insights or industry intel?

Check out our Resources section for case studies, industry links and more!

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