Our Culture

Our Actions reflect our Values, support our Purpose, and ignite our Vision.

Company culture creates value and brings clarity to everyone in the organization. Our Purpose describes why we exist. Our Vision is our North Star, giving us direction. Our Values represent the fundamental beliefs that all employees should embody and stand behind. And our Actions reflect our values. Here at Lightserve, we put people first because collectively our people create the culture, and our culture is at the core of who we are.
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Kevin Franklin

President & CEO

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Our Purpose

To promote the development of our employees, provide optimal solutions for our customers, serve our communities, and build meaningful relationships by respecting and valuing people.

Our Vision

To be North America’s most trusted business partner – creating remarkable experiences and delivering innovative solutions.

Our Values & Actions IGNITE our Vision


Foster an honest and ethical approach to decision making. Accept responsibility when we make mistakes and be quick to forgive others.


Demonstrate passion and persistence in the pursuit of long-term goals. Have the courage to overcome obstacles and manage fear of failure.


Deliver remarkable experiences and be recognized for excellence. Inspire and motivate those around us.


Contribute to new processes and solutions. Be a listening and learning team member.


Be consistently open and honest. Clearly communicate timely feedback to all stakeholders.


Commit to the continual development of ourselves and each other. Understand the fundamentals of our business and take the initiative to positively impact our company.

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