Case Study


May 2 – Dec 29


3,763 Total


559,145 installed

Warranty Lamps

Failure Rate: 0.5%
2164 DOA
442 failed install


Estimated $12M
Total billed $10.65M
12% under budget



(800) 704-9943


Corporate Headquarters
9115 Harris Corners Parkway
Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28269

Delivering for Sherwin Williams

How Lightserve Orchestrated a Nationwide Rollout Across 3,763 Locations in 8 Months

Project Overview

While the aggressive request was overwhelming to other contacted vendors, Lightserve leveraged their trusted installation team, massive planning capability, rebate filing relationships, and Express Truck Roll methodology to deliver the needed results on-time and under budget. Managing a successful nationwide rollout of LED retrofits across 3700+ locations requires an experienced team to coordinate product, installation crews, and rebate administration.

The Project Management Team

Orchestrating the installation of 559,145 Direct Wire LED lamps across 3,763 locations required precise control, command of the latest technology, and creative and flexible installation scheduling. The Lightserve Operations Team coordinated product availability, scheduled individual crews and locations, researched rebate availability, procured and staged material, and arranged for nationwide recycling pickups, all while dealing with seasonal weather fluctuations

During the rollout, dedicated project teams balanced the receipt of materials with installer expectations while providing clear visibility to the client – all managed with the logistical expertise Lightserve is known for. Accurate asset data was provided to the client throughout the process utilizing Lightserve’s proprietary cloud-based management system known as ARC. Real-time project check-ins helped enable adherence to the scope, monitor site conditions, and scale workflow in order to stay on schedule.

The Sherwin-Williams corporate facility team and individual store managers were all involved in approving plans and schedules and had complete project visibility before the bulk of the project began.

The Rebate Team

Never before have we filed so many rebates for one program so quickly. Throughout the aggressive installation schedule and over the following few months, Lightserve filed 1,142 applications and secured $976k in utility rebates for Sherwin Williams. Our rebate team’s integration with the project management group, utilizing our cloud-based ARC management system, provided added value to the customer by maximizing rebate dollar returns.

Store Retrofits per Month

Delivering for Sherwin Williams - LightserveCaseStudy SherwinWilliams chart

Working with Lightserve was fantastic. Not only was I happy with the speed and drive used to get over 3800 locations retrofitted in 8 months, but their communication was both prompt and transparent. For a program of this size to run that smoothly was an unprecedented experience on our end.

Jake Hostetler
Facilities Analyst


This customer has received over $2.2M in rebates from utilities across the country, drastically increasing their ROI and funding additional programs.

Lightserve has comprehensive energy upgrade processes that ensure success across a broad range of lighting and electrical projects. Our logistical expertise and flexible program management deliver the right program at exactly the right time, bringing savings to your bottom line.

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