This portable unit has four full spectrum UV Light Engines, arranged in back-to-back pairs. The light distribution and reflectivity of UV gives you nearly 360 degree coverage. Each side can be individually height adjusted, and powered by a standard wall plug. 

Great for disinfecting areas with unpredictable traffic patterns like operating rooms, patient rooms, hotel rooms,
X-Ray/MRI rooms, large shower areas or saunas. Bring the germ killing power of the sun with you to protect the people and places that matter most.



The Sentry M2-C is armed with two full spectrum UV light engines mounted on locking casters to give you a lightweight and affordable mobile disinfection solution.  Perfect for spot treatments to prevent outbreaks in classrooms, childcare centers, and cruise ships, or to clean medical equipment and food processing areas. 

Additionally, the M2-C is also great for complimenting chemical-based fungal remediation where unwanted growth has occurred.  



The Sentry M2-T gives you the same germ killing power with a lightweight tripod stand to carry the unit up the stairs, into attics and crawl spaces, or onto rough surfaces. With adjustable height and head angles, there’s no place you can’t bring the protective disinfecting power of full spectrum UV light.