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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The 30th annual Lightfair was held last month in Philadelphia. Manufacturers unveiled their latest and greatest product innovations for 2019. The Lightserve team saw many great new products for use in various applications. We'll cover some of our favorites in the next few blog posts.

There were three standouts for us in the retrofit product area. It was evident that the manufacturers realize what a large market this is and are introducing new products to help change out the billions of sockets still out there with LED.

1. One challenge in retrofits has been emergency batteries. Few upgrade products are available with emergency battery and installing field batteries takes a lot of extra time and effort. In steps Sylvania with their new RT downlight kit emergency battery pack.  Designed to easily install in the field with their outstanding RT downlights, it will help our team complete quicker retrofits that need a battery backup.  The new kit will be available this summer.

2. Next we saw RAB add a line of LED lamps to their product catalog. Many of the common LED replacement lamps are represented helping to round out RAB's offering of retrofit options.

3. Sticking with LED lamps, Signify is soon releasing a T8 TLED lamp with onboard Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology. This will allow retailers to upgrade to LED and gain indoor positioning with customer interaction through installing only TLED lamps in their existing fixtures. A new low cost way to gain high functionality from new lighting while still saving 50% of the lighting energy bill.

There were many other great products that we'll talk about through the year as they are released for use in projects in 2019. In our next article, we'll look at some new fixtures from Lightfair and then wrap up with an article on lighting controls. Let us know if you have any questions and have a great day!

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