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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Continuing our series on Lightfair 2019, today we'll take a look at new fixtures.  Overall, there were many tweaks and upgrades to the LED fixtures we have seen for the last several years.  A few standouts caught our eye, but most of the movement was in controls and how they integrate with these fixtures.  We'll get more into that next time.

Here are some of the cool fixtures we saw out on the show floor.

1. Cree showed their light based skylight called Cadint.  An innovative fixture that turns a 2x2 space in any ceiling into a skylight - even if no roof.  It uses lights and programming to make it appear like the fixture is the sky outside to improve occupant mood and comfort. 

2. The Marathon by Sylvania is the first driverless high bay with a 15 year warranty!  Great technology and nice looking high bay fixture.  Without that driver failure point, should be a long lasting fixture for those hard to reach areas above machinery and equipment.

3. Several companies including Eaton, Sylvania, Hubbell and Current by GE showed troffers with built in UV lights for microbial cleaning of spaces.  There is even a light from Puro that is ultra-intense UV light only for really cleaning spaces like operating rooms very efficiently.  Some interesting takes on this technology that will likely take hold in medical centers, doctors’ offices and daycares initially.

That rounds out our favorite fixtures from Lightfair.  Again, some other good fixtures that we'll point out as the year goes on and the fixtures start to roll off the assembly lines.  Let us know if you have any questions and have a great day!

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