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Online Grocery Program

Global Superstore Chooses Lightserve for Nationwide Online Grocery Program Rollout

Project Overview

A global superstore urgently needed to install an upgrade in hundreds of stores across the United States in order to introduce their Online Grocery Program, and they chose Lightserve to get the job done. Lightserve partnered with a leading provider of refrigeration systems and display merchandise in order to implement the program.

The project was launched in mid-2018 with an aggressive objective: complete the installation at 300 high-performing stores by the start of the holiday shopping season. This ambitious timeline gave Lightserve just 12 weeks to survey, plan, schedule and install the upgrades in the 300 stores that were selected.

Each store plan required extra attention to detail. The project consisted of adding multiple freezers and coolers in the selected stores, and each required the installation of several circuits, sub panels, and transformers before the refrigeration units could be installed. Lightserve’s electrical team was flexible, having to adapt to rapid-fire changes in the scope of work while maintaining the initial deadline. They established a 24-hour on-call response process to ensure a seamless execution of the project within the 3-month time frame.

Because each location was not identical to the other, the initial project required the installation of either six or nine circuits, and nearly 400 feet of wire and conduit at each store location. To ensure that the project would continue to run smoothly, Lightserve’s electrical team spent time analyzing each store plan in order to anticipate obstacles and prepare contingency solutions. They also coordinated with local jurisdictions to confirm that each installation had the proper permits, and was inspected properly in compliance with current electrical codes. The team also worked closely with the electricians to confirm that they had all required material on hand prior to each installation.

Lightserve coordinated directly with store personnel at each affected location to manage overnight work schedules and arrange for final inspections.

Following the success of the 2018 rollout, Lightserve was awarded additional sites in 2019 after demonstrating the strength and ability of providing high quality installations within a tight time frame. The additional locations required electrical work beyond the circuit installations performed in the first 300 stores, and also provided an opportunity for Lightserve’s problem solving strengths to shine. Based on the challenges that were presented, Lightserve was able to identify and offer an innovative solution – one that was revolutionary for this type of installation. This solution allowed separate permits to be pulled, expedited the inspection process, and led to cleaner, safer installations. Additionally, these locations required the removal of racking, a structural change that required a multi-trade permit pulled by a general contractor.


In implementing the 2018-2019 Online Grocery Program for this global superstore, the Lightserve team demonstrated the knowledge, skills, grit and an innovative mindset that was needed to successfully execute a complex installation project, creating a remarkable experience for the end customer.

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